lgb.hu :: About my nick (and the domain) of LGB

Once upon a time ...

... it seemed to be so cool to choose a nick for ourselves. One of my friends started to use the nick of "HEJ" based on the abbreviation of his real name, plus "J" for "James" which was the choosen name he used during English lessons in the high-school :)

I didn't like this "choosen English name" thing at all (so I wouldn't have included into "my cool name"), but the abbreviation of my name would be too short, only "LG" (well, as it turned out it was a good choice to avoid this, you know why). So I appended "LG" with letter "B", it was the middle letter of my first name (to be clear: my name is Lénárt Gábor, but we use our name in the opposite order as it's used in most other countries, so I always introduce myself as Gábor Lénárt for foreigners) . Odd enough, but three letter coolness has been gained, "flawless victory". Well, this was what I thought then.

Nowdays, most people call me as "LGB" even IRL. But that's not the full story.

I got an email from some Hungarian guy, that I was unabashed to register the domain of lgb.hu as it must be the web site of some railway-model stuff, or what the hell was it. The funny thing about this was the style of his mail, treating me as a criminal, he even stated that I must give this domain up for the "community" for free of charge and I should support the "community" to continue paying the yearly registration fee ... For sure it was many years after my domain registration, I don't feel I was unabashed especially because I have had no knowledge about this railway stuff at all, and LGB is came from my name. I simply skipped to waste more time with this issue.

But still, this was not enough. I "browsed" some iRC channels in one of my empty minutes, when suddenly some girl (well, the nick tasted femalish, but it does not mean anything, as we know) msg'ed me. She was quite keen to find someone at last - as she told - with such a liberal view of sexuality. I felt the typical "WTF" feeling at this point. But the conversation seemed to be funny, so I only responded with a short "yeees". Anyway, it turned out some minutes later, that LGB (also) means "Lesbian-Gay-Bisex". This made me thinking a bit, but I've decided to simply skip this issue as well ... I used my nick for too long at that time to allow myself to give it up :)

In my pre-LGB era, when I was child, the coolness was defined by using nicks having -soft at the end, especially in the golden age of 8-bit (which was longer in Hungary than "at the west"). So I used the nick "DigiSoft". Ok, I'm much more an adult now, LGB is enough :)

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